The Food Guardians

The SEFA Food Guardians are a group of Bayview Hunters Point residents trained to educate, advocate, and mobilize to address community food security and justice, promote nutrition education and awareness, and support urban agriculture.

The Food Guardian Project is a community mobilization and awareness project that seeks to educate, motivate and inspire positive change in the community food environment in the Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) neighborhood in San Francisco.

The Food Guardians are BVHP residents who provide a voice for the community by raising awareness about food issues and advocating for healthier food access, food security, and sustainable food systems.  The BVHP is the area in San Francisco that faces the greatest challenges in terms of healthy food access and that suffers from disproportionate rates of diet-related disease; the Food Guardians work to reduce these diet-related health disparities.

The Food Guardian Project is a project of the Southeast Food Access (SEFA) working group.